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Join 5000+ Athletes who successfully recovered from Osgood Schlatter.

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87% got better

Studies have shown that 87% got better or much better by doing the exercises, stretches, and pain relieve techniques in our program.

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Recover faster and more sustainably by following our workouts & learn why a dedicated training plan is crucial for your recovery!

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A Program by Physiotherapists

Sebastian Cormier

MSc. Physiotherapy,
BSc. Sport Medicine & Exercise Science

Manuel Hangarter

MSc. Sports Physiotherapy

Manuel and Sebastian are experienced physiotherapists. They are working in one of Switzerland's most renowned sports rehabilitation center. There, they have successfully treated many young athletes suffering from Osgood Schlatter's Disease.  Their tried and tested formula with exercises, stretches, and workouts for getting rid of pain is now ready for you to use at the convenience of your home.

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A program designed with Physiotherapists & young athletes to cure Osgood Schlatter's Disease

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We will show you different stretches for Osgood Schlatter to relief the pain and to strengthen your knee.


3 Levels with different workouts to get you back to your sport as soon as possible! All exercises are research approved and selected by experienced physiotherapists!

Taping Techniques

Dedicated taping techniques for Osgood Schlatter, that you can do yourself to relief pain and tension in your knee!

Milestone Tests

Get to know when to train & when to rest with our milestone tests you can do regularly.

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