Treat Osgood Schlatter's Disease in less than 6 weeks!

✅ Exercises, stretches & pain relief
✅ Backed by scientific evidence
✅ Made by physiotherapists

Join 5000+ Athletes who successfully recovered from Osgood Schlatter.

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87% got better

Studies have shown that 87% got better or much better by doing the exercises, stretches, and pain relieve techniques in our program.

80% faster

Recover faster and more sustainably from Osgood Schlatter by following our workouts & learn why a dedicated training plan is crucial for your recovery!

Are you a parent?

We provide guidance on what you can do together with your child in order they cure from Osgood Schlatter in the most efficient way.

Are you an adult?

Our program works for children & adults alike. All exercises & workouts are designed for the disease itself and will help no matter your age!

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Get rid of Osgood Schlatter

Get rid of Osgood Schlatter
Exercises, stretches and taping techniques designed to cure Osgood Schlatter.

Online at the comfort of your home
Do all the exercises to treat Osgood Schlatter's Disease at the comfort of your home.

Scientifically proven Exercises
Our exercises are chosen by a research based approach.

A Program by Physiotherapists

Sebastian Cormier

MSc. Physiotherapy,
BSc. Sport Medicine & Exercise Science

Manuel Hangarter

MSc. Sports Physiotherapy

Manuel and Sebastian are experienced physiotherapists. They are working in one of Switzerland's most renowned sports rehabilitation center. There, they have successfully treated many young athletes suffering from Osgood Schlatter's Disease.  Their tried and tested formula with exercises, stretches, and workouts for getting rid of pain is now ready for you to use at the convenience of your home.

98% rated our app with 5 stars

A program designed with Physiotherapists & young athletes to cure Osgood Schlatter's Disease.

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Recover from Osgood Schlatter

Only 20 minutes a day
All workouts are short and efficient, so you can recover without too much effort.

Exercises for all levels
Our exercises can be done by everybody and at every age.

App & Online Course
You will get all workouts & exercises to get rid of Osgood Schlatter in an online course and in an app!

Frequently Asked questions

What are the expected results?

The results of this program are truly remarkable. When completed fully, it boasts a success rate close to 100%.
In our experience, we have seen a significant improvement or even complete elimination of symptoms associated with Osgood Schlatter's disease within just seven weeks of starting this program.

Typically, athletes report a 50% or more decrease in pain levels within the first 2-4 weeks, with a gradual decrease until they reach a pain level of 0 out of 10 by the end of the program.

It's important to keep in mind that this program is specifically designed for Osgood Schlatter's diseases. Other types of knee pain may not respond as well. Therefore, it's crucial to get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional before beginning this program.

While the program itself is not difficult, it does require consistency. This is not a quick fix, but a structured exercise routine that should be performed for a few minutes most days of the week to achieve these impressive results.

Is it safe for children?

Absolutely. While developing our program, we always had children in mind and developed the program together with Sebastian's two children. Therefore it's a 100% safe for children to do the exercises shown.

Does this program work for adults?

Definitely. All exercises and workouts will help to treat Osgood Schlatter's Disease no matter your age.