Top 5 Osgood Schlatter Exercises

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1. Quad Release

Reliefs pain within a few minutes


Foam rolling can have a powerful effect on relieving your pain symptoms. Rolling back and forth for two minutes, whilst breathing slowly, can drop your pain and increase your flexibility immediately. It is important to modify and soften the pressure against your thigh if it hurts too much (>5/10, you can’t breathe, you feel stressed or unwell). Doing it many times daily for at least two minutes, will give you control of your pain and allow you to complete the next exercises in the program.

2. Couch Stretch

Pain relief and flexibility for the quads and hip flexors


The couch stretch is the king of stretches for the lower limb. It improves the flexbility of the muscles of the hip, knee and ankle. Most importantly, it lengthens the quad muscles and reduces the pull on your shin bump. You can do this exercise with your foot on a couch, chair or against the wall. The closer your knee is to the chair, the more pull you are going to feel. If it hurts to kneel, add a cushion under your knee. Hold this stretch for at least 1 Minute and do this many times a day.

3. ISO Quad

Get your quad muscles working


Once your knee pain has calmed down, it is time to start loading the quads. Studies in patients with similar knee pathologies have shown that holding a contraction for 45 seconds 5 times can have a significant pain-relieving effect. For this you need to sit upright in a chair (like you do in school, of course) Now, pull yourself into the chair and straighten your knee against an immovable object.  A strong muscle contraction must happen in the quad muscle (preferably on the front and inside the surface of your thigh).

4. Bridging

Get your quad muscles working


Batman and Robin. Han-Solo and Chewbakkah. Woody and Buzz Lightyear. All superheroes have best buddies. For the quads, the best buddy is the hamstring. Training this muscle will help offload the quads when speeding up, landing, and changing directions. The cool thing is that if you bend your knee, the front of your thigh will relax. Thus reducing the pull on your painful spot. So, when doing the bridging exercise, make sure to drive your heels into the ground and towards you. Contract your glutes at the top and then slowly come back to the ground. Repeat this until you feel a nice burn in your muscles.

5. The Wall Sit

Activate your glutes


Sit with your back against the wall.  Take a wide stance like a sumo wrestler. Now go as low as your knee will tolerate, but not more than 90 degrees. It is important that you don’t have any pain during this exercise. Then, lean your upper body forward whilst keeping your chest up proudly. Now push your bottom into the wall as strongly as possible. This will light your quads up big time. Hold this position as long as it is humanly possible. As a challenge, you can also compete with your friends, parents, or siblings and see who can hold it the longest.

Written by Physiotherapists

Sebastian Cormier

// BSc. Sport Medicine & Exercise Science

Manuel Hangarter

// BSc. Sport Medicine & Exercise Science


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